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The foods we consume play a huge role in our overall health. Eliminating acidic & mucus forming foods is essential to creating homeostasis within the body. Homeostasis is the state of harmony between all the organs in the body. When your body is in a state of harmony, it is able to self correct. Our cabinets are loaded with natural, mineral dense foods  that provide  a great way to naturally enhance bodily functions and boost immunity.

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Ocean Water

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Sea Vegetables

We forage Irish Moss, Bladderwrack, & Dulce from the cold waters of the Atlantic ocean off the coast of New England.

Herbs & Supplements

We work with foragers across the world to source top quality herbs that come in various forms.

Personalized Teas

We source top quality teas that are personalized for preferred taste and bodily effectiveness.

Body Care

Our body care products are 100% natural and made with quality and care.

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Natural Care Plans

Customized plans designed to help your reach optimal health. Your journey to a better you starts here.

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Yoga & Meditation

Work with our certified coaches to find your peace and zen.