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We woke up one day and decided to travel to New England hoping to find Irish Moss. We found so much Irish Moss we haven't been back home yet! We load our dory boats, put on our waders and comb your Irish Moss straight from the rocks with an antique "Mossing rake". We figured we could end high prices and it's working out fine!

What is Irish Moss?

Irish Moss scientifically known as "Chondrus Crispus" is a highly nutritious algae that grows on the side of large rocks in the cold waters of the Atlantic.

Benefits of Irish Moss

Essential Minerals, Mucus Cleanser, Anti- Viral, Anti- Inflammatory, Muscle enhancer, hormonal balancing, hair growth, skin health, and more!

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Know Your Moss

There are many types of Seamoss in the ocean. The most common are Gracilaria, Eucheuma Cottoni, & Chondrus Crispus (Irish Moss).

We specifically forage Chondrus Crispus which grows abundantly and exclusively  in the Atlantic Ocean on large rocks. Gracilaria & Eucheuma grow more freely on a variety of surfaces in the ocean making them easy to farm & reproduce.

Chondrus Crispus leaves no doubts about it's growing process making it much more of a delicacy than the other species of Sea moss. 

This fan shaped sea algae extracts it's mineral content from the rocks it attaches to.

Irish Moss is made up of  14% organic minerals including ; carbon, oxygen, hydrogen. nitrogen, sulfur, chlorine and magnesium.  It also contains sulfates, phosphates, iodides, and bromides.


When you purchase 100% Wildcrafted Irish Moss from the Nature Cabinet, you are contributing to the resurgence of the American Mossing industry.

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"....Your product has changed my life. I'd never tried Irish Sea Moss before and I'll be ordering again very soon."

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" I love your Sea Moss! Thank you, I'm going to order bladderwrack soon.."

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"You're always true to your timeline of when you'll have more stock available. Communication and transparency are rare when dealing with small businesses.."

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