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We put on our best swimwear and harvest 100% wildcrafted Irish Moss from the Atlantic ocean of the coast of New England.

What is Irish Moss?

Irish Moss scientifically known as "Chondrus Crispus" is a highly nutritious algae that grows on the side of large rocks in the cold waters of the Atlantic.

Benefits of Irish Moss

92 Minerals, Mucus Cleanser, Anti- Viral, Anti- Inflammatory, Muscle enhancer, hormonal balancing, hair growth, skin health, and more!

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"....Your product has changed my life. I'd never tried Irish Sea Moss before and I'll be ordering again very soon."

Laura | Happy Customer

" I love your Sea Moss! Thank you, I'm going to order bladderwrack soon.."

Ailiyah | Happy Customer

"You're always true to your timeline of when you'll have more stock available. Communication and transparency are rare when dealing with small businesses.."

John | Happy Customer

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