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We imagine Natural Health Hubs across the world dedicated to revitalizing the health of the world population. As we continue to evolve collectively, we believe these goals are attainable.

What's inside of a Natural Health Hub?

- Natural Health Food Store

- Yoga Center

- Meditation Center 

- Plant Oxygen Therapy

- Chiropractor

- Exercise Center

- Healing Resort

- Library

How will we achieve this Goal?


- Business Directories 

We are working to create business directories in each state. These directories will allow us to locate quality businesses that can sublease the space and fulfill the vision of our community Natural Health Hubs.

- Crowd Funding

We've created a crowd funding system designed to fund community projects and initiate outreach programs catered towards building sustainable self sufficient neighborhoods across the world. With Dimeshare we will acquire land, resources, and workers in order to build Natural Health Hubs across the world. 

- Prefabricated modular buildings

Prefabricated modular constructions cut construction costs in half while maintaining structural stability and dependency. This method of building will allow communities to have updated facilities that are quickly built and easily maintained. We've found quality modular construction builders who are excited to create modern infrastructure throughout America.


- How Can I Get Involved?


- Subscribe to Dimeshare to become a members stay up to date on our progress and help us reach our goals.

- If you are a business, join our business directory. Email your business info to Include you name, company info, location, and contact information.

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