Collective Contribution

Starting an Irish Moss Gel Business is an easy way to contribute to the health of your community while also creating financial freedom and flexibility. Irish Moss doesn't require much time to prepare and keeps customers satisfied and healthy. More than ever, people are turning to nature to reach optimum health. Not only do we want to support this cause, we want to help it grow.

Irish Moss can be implemented and turned into many products including Irish Moss Gel, Irish Moss Pudding, Body Butter, Oil, Snacks & More! We want you to find your niche and grow as a business. Every pound of Irish Moss has the potential to make you $300+ in profit.


We handle everything from Irish Moss supply, website design, private labeling, shipping logistics, inventory resources, all the way to store pitches and placement. Find out more by calling us at 240.602.4253 and be sure download our free Irish Moss handbook.